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Our Process & Design

Chester County's Leading Live Edge Artisan & Wood Slabs


D.C. Aquilante

D. C. Aquilante's designs not only originate from fallen timber but unveil the most captivating sub surface structure of the tree, a majestic stump and root system implemented in many of the conceptual framework prior to meticulous fabrication of each original piece.  The process is quite extraordinary as it requires extensive preliminary preparation before the wood is selected.

Flora & Fauna

Artistic Precision

After each log is milled into slabs, it will then begin an extensive period of air dying before it is transferred into a kiln, where it will be dried in a temperature controlled environment to ensure moisture has been removed.  After the kiln drying process the wood will then be re-acclimated to the climate in the shop before the actual fabrication can commence. 


The artistic precision and functionality of D. C. Aquilante’s designs, maintaining the integrity of the live edge slabs natural characteristics, are paramount through the finishing stages, a labor intensive process of hand sanding, carving, and three part custom finishing that aesthetically showcases each custom live edge design.

Amongst the flora and fauna, the most impressive are the trees. While in their natural habitat, they not only provide an ecosystem for birds and other animals, but filter the air we breathe, absorbing carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen, reducing the "greenhouse effect" as well as storm water run off and temperature control in our environment.  In the beautification process of live edge craftsmanship, we have a glimpse into the remarkable survival and journey of each individual trees' lifespan, through the grain of their wood.  The myriad of markings and coloration that make the live edge slabs so impressive to the eye, are all telling signs of the trees' health, diseases, age, environment, including wood-boring insects and wildlife habitat. These imperfections create an interwoven, one-of-a kind, timeless masterpiece.